Caring for tree roots

Good soil promotes healthy tree and root growth, and in turn, good root systems help to stabilize the water table and prevent soil erosion.

Consider the conditions and space that your trees and shrubs have for root growth. If a tree has insufficient room for root growth, as when soil is overly-compacted, the tree will be stunted. For this reason, tilling soil, aerating and composting will improve root movement and growth.

The experts at Arborwood can assess and monitor the root growth of your trees and shrubs as part of the diagnosis process (or as a component of our holistic approach to tree care).

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Andrew and the staff at Arborwood are well-educated in the tree industry and devoted to providing quality customer service. We are very satisfied with the work that Andrew Hordyk as well as his crew have provided. They completed their work efficiently and maintained high quality. Also, they operated in a safe manner in the high-traffic downtown area of Hamilton.