In a residential setting, poor soil is commonly the cause of poor tree health. When trees need to share the soil with surrounding plants, insufficient nutrients may result due to soil compaction, poor drainage and insufficient organic matter.

Soil quality should be evaluated if problems are suspected, and prior to planting a new tree. We provide a comprehensive testing service at Arborwood which will help accurately diagnose problems, but here is a handy quick test for any soil type:

From a depth of approximately 10" into the ground, take a handful of dirt. Squeeze the dirt tightly in your hand and open your hand up. When you poke the soil with your finger, it will hold together if it is high in clay content, which means water and nutrients will not move through it properly. If the soil does not clump, or falls apart easily, it is high in sand or organic matter, which means drainage will be sufficient.

Contact Arborwood for more in-depth testing of your soil, and to make the expert recommendations needed to restore a healthy soil system for your trees and shrubs.

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The Town of Grimsby has retained Arborwood Tree Service for the last 10 plus years. We use Arborwood for consulting on structural analysis and risk assessment, staff training and emergency/routine tree maintenance. We have found Andrew Hordyk and his staff to be very knowledgeable and truly dedicated to the tree service industry and their respective clients and customers. This is reflected in the high quality of work and service Arborwood provides.