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Pruning is essential to maintain the health and beauty, as well as the structural integrity of your trees, but it can also be critical for safety and liability issues.

Pruning: A Primer

Pruning is essential to maintain the health and beauty, as well as the structural integrity of your trees, but it can also be critical for safety and liability issues. Arborwood certified arborists are trained to evaluate the condition of your trees and determine the extent of pruning your tree may need for optimum tree health and safety.

Having your trees pruned on a regular basis – both young and mature – will prevent structural problems, ensure optimal structural growth, as well as maintain overall tree vitality. We use industry-approved tree pruning techniques, so you can be assured that the proper tree cuts are made and will seal correctly, overall tree health will be optimized and industry safety standards will be followed.

Types of Pruning:

1. Mature Tree/Maintenance Pruning

Crown cleaning is recommended every year or two, depending on the type of trees, to remove declining or dead branches and maintain tree health and safety. Maintenance pruning of mature trees is focused on outer limbs and branches, where possible, to centralize the crown and protect key areas of photosynthesis. Thinning can also be done to reduce tree density, if needed. Crown raising may be needed where more light is required at ground level, or as a by-law requirement to raise the canopy above utilities. Using an expert for pruning is important over time to ensure the structural integrity of the tree, so it continues to withstand high winds and snow loads.

2. Young Tree/Structural Pruning

Young trees need are pruned at their nurseries to look full and beautiful at the point of purchase, not necessarily with their future growth in mind. It is essential for young trees (those up to 20cm trunk diameter at chest height) to be pruned appropriately for their species and location, to mature optimally. Good pruning considers growth patterns, can often address small imperfections and prevents future problems.

3. Specialized Pruning

Depending on the need and variety of tree, we offer a range of pruning techniques:

  • Historical tree retrenchment: To extend the life of old growth trees or address liability concerns
  • Espalier: An attractive and practical way to grow your own fruit trees or vines at home
  • Topiary: Properly maintained, this is a beautiful accent to any landscape
  • Crown reduction: Expert reduction ensures tree health and prevents over-stress
  • Pollard: Promoting a dense head of new growth
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The Town of Grimsby has retained Arborwood Tree Service for the last 10 plus years. We use Arborwood for consulting on structural analysis and risk assessment, staff training and emergency/routine tree maintenance. We have found Andrew Hordyk and his staff to be very knowledgeable and truly dedicated to the tree service industry and their respective clients and customers. This is reflected in the high quality of work and service Arborwood provides.