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Anthracnose on a White Oak (Quercus alba). Niagara, Ontario.

Insects and diseases can threaten the health of a tree, as well as entire tree populations. If trees are kept in optimal condition — with sufficient water, nutrients, and light — they are less susceptible to pest problems and disease.

Diagnosing and treating problems to restore tree vitality in Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara, Oakville, and Haldimand.

If your tree develops any abnormality or isn’t thriving as it once was, consider having a certified arborist assess it to correctly diagnose the problem. An Arborwood expert will look at the tree type, abnormality patterns in roots, leaves and trunk, as well as surrounding factors to determine the nature of the problem. It is essential to distinguish between an infestation, an infectious disease, and a non-infectious disorder to determine the treatment that will be effective.

Arborwood tree experts are trained and licensed to diagnose and treat insect and disease problems and it is our policy to use the least toxic methods and products.

Emerald ash borer

Emerald Ash Borer

No question, it’s very distressing to see our natural resources damaged by disease and insect infestations. With the latest problem, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), the key to any control is to properly identify symptoms to determine the correct treatment.

What is sometimes thought to be EAB can actually be other pests, winter stress or other problems. Knowledgeable arborists like Arborwood can diagnose any tree infestation or disease problem.

Signs and symptoms of EAB:

  • Yellowing of the leaves
  • Dieback of the top half of the tree
  • Sudden large dead branches
  • Separation of bark from the wood
  • Galleries under the bark
  • Borer holes in the shape of a D, 3.5–4.5mm wide
  • Leaf damage
  • Water sprouts (suckers or epicormic shoots)
  • Heavy seed production

Fortunately, the treatment is very friendly to the environment, available under an emergency registration, however it is fairly expensive. It involves an injection that can be done into the tree with no spraying and is very effective done prior to or early in the EAB life cycle.

Learn more about how to identify the Emerald Ash Borer in our Expert Advice article, or request a quote today to treat an infestation.

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Anthracnose on a White Oak (Quercus alba). Niagara, Ontario.


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