Arborwood is a Holistic tree care company, which focuses solely on the roots of the problem. This will apply in respect to the trees we care for as well as the environment they are to thrive in, right up to the employees who serve here. We are committed to share, serve and support in the betterment of the industry and each other, with the goal of achieving all goals set out professionally and personally.

Our mission

To provide superior, high quality and valued customer service while ensuring safety, integrity, profitability and maintain a pragmatic, well balanced work-life environment.

Our motto

Safety, integrity, professionalism.

Thank you all for helping support us in this mission and thank you all for trusting us with some of the earths greatest assets, and caring for you trees and their keepers.

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We accept:

Toll Free 1.888.721.8882 Email info@arborwood.ca Hamilton/Niagara 905.957.5663 Burlington/Oakville 905.681.9933