Our Story

Safety, Integrity & Professionalism

At Arborwood Tree Service we are dedicated to providing superior customer service. Our great reputation is built on professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Your trees are living resources and our certified arborists will help you steward your property to ensure beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs, both now, and for the future. Our team has the knowledge and expertise that's needed to help you achieve this, and we offer a full range of services to get the job done.

Maintaining the vitality of your trees is our mission, doing it with safety, integrity and professionalism is our promise.

Preserve Trees & Improve Life

The preservation of trees improves not only our quality of life, but also the lives of generations to come. When you stop to appreciate a vibrant healthy tree, full of life and energy, your spirit is rejuvenated. Trees not only beautify our surroundings, they clean the air and minimize the need for storm water retention, through transpiration in relation to their leaf surface. Trees provide homes and food for wild life, and are a major contribution to our environment. They also provide shade, noise reduction, shelter, and help increase significant energy savings by protecting our homes from the suns heat.

We accept:

Toll Free 1.888.721.8882 Email info@arborwood.ca Hamilton/Niagara 905.957.5663 Burlington/Oakville 905.681.9933